Monday, July 17, 2006

88.9FM Radio Skid Row

“Find your voice through your artistic creative expressions”

Action Break Theatre have a radio show on community radio in Marrickville broadcasting live every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm. We interview a broad range of artists from different scopes of the art encouraging them to have a voice by sharing the experiences that inspired the creative expressions in their work. We promote a lot of our home grown artists and their work whether it be through music, books, stage or film productions.

“Hidden deep within you is a power so extraordinary that its infinite potential will reveal the possibility of being able to touch the stars”

Virginia & Jenny co-hosting the Action Break Theatre radio show.

“Find your voice with Taaleah and the girls of Action Break Theatre on 88.9 Radio Skid Row. Live and Sweet As”

An Interview with one of Australia's longest serving female prisoner, published author of "Ten Years" rated in the top 5 best sellers in the country, Roseanne Catt, on 4 May 2006. (2nd from the left)

An interview with singer/songwriter, poet, spoken word artist, feminist and film maker Soul Diva Aminah Hughes on 6 July 2006. Aminah was an assistant director on the set of Superman Returns at Fox Studios.

An interview with amazing Life Coach Leigh Scully and husband Peter Scully a Primary School Principal and President of The Songwriters'Society of Australia on 25 May 2006.

“Find your voice and make your mark by expressing the talents hidden deep within you”

An interview with published author of "Women in Crime", "Who's Rejecting Who", "Death Row" and "Brilliant Ideas" Xavier Waterkeyn. Xavier is also the co-founder of Flying Pigs.

An interview with the 2006 School Captain of Wagga Wagga Christian College Corallie Shaw and boyfriend Ross Malcolm.

“Before we can truly connect with others we must first make the connection with ourselves”

Hamish Walsh co-hosting and reading poetry written by his dear late friend.


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